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The Veitch 27 Hardtop has a 2.5m beam and 25.5 degrees at the transom. The aggressive dead-rise extends right up into the bow at more than 50 degrees, complemented by a large flare. Roger says it’s more of a wedge than a traditional Carolina flare. “I wanted to create more buoyancy in the top section of the boat to keep the bow up when diving into big swells. It keeps things pretty dry, particularly running down sea.”

“We really compensated (for the large dead-rise) with wide, rounded-out reverse chines,” Roger continues. “They sit low in the water and give the boat a great sense of stability at rest and at speed. A lot of water is working its way up to those chines and back down. You can feel it work. The chines also help it turn on rails. It’s fast and predictable around corners.”



The new Veitch 23 Console has landed and it is far from being just a cut-down 27! Roger says “The bottom is totally different. We effectively lowered the line of the transom, then straightened the keel, then faired all that back in.”

There’s also a flatter pad at the back to make it faster and straighter on flatter water. He says the 23 rides fast and flat through chop — better than the bigger 27, which features a rocker in the keel designed to run in big seas.


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